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FAQs on Passport Services

Frequently asked Questions

1. When and how one can apply for renewal / re-issue of passport?

A new passport can be issued on expiry of existing passport either one year before expiry of the passport or on exhaustion of pages. To apply for a new or reissue of passport, you need to fill Online Passport Application Form (EAP1). For further detail, please visit our website: http://www.cgishanghai.gov.in. Click ‘Passport & related Services’ under “Consular Services” on homepage. Please note that No handwritten passport application is accepted. Physical presence of applicant is required at the time of submission of passport application.

2. What type of photographs is required for Passport?

Four recent color passport size photographs (Recent 5cm*5cm, front pose, full face photograph where the ears are visible in white backdrop)

3. What are documents required with the Passport application Form?

(i)Online passport application (Available on Consulate’s website: http://www.cgishanghai.gov.in(ii)Two Photographs (5 cm X5 cm with white background). (iii)Original Passport. (iv)Copies of current passport- first two pages and last two pages. (v)Copies of China Residence Visa (last two years)/copy of lease agreement. (vi)Registration Form of temporary residence for visitors/work permit/ employment Contracts, etc. Kindly bring originals and copies of the same. Besides, additional documents, if any, may be required on case to case basis.

4. What are the requirements for getting a new passport in lieu of lost Passport?

If you have lost your Passport, you have to fill online passport application and bring a Report from Police Station for loss of your Passport and a confirmation report from Entry/Exit bureau office nearer to your residence, a written statement stating how the passport was misplaced / lost / stolen, photocopy of the lost passport, photocopy of the residence visas/residence proof with five recent photographs (size 5 cm X 5cm) with plain white background. Personal particulars Form may also be required.

5. What are the requirements for getting a passport for new born baby?

Before applying for the passport for a new born child, the parents should register the birth of the child by following the procedure given below:


Refer link- https://indiancitizenshiponline.nic.in

Click/select option “Registration of Birth child under section 4(1) - last option.

Fill ONLINE application.

Upload the documents (photo & birth certificate of the child; marriage certificate, passports, photograph & signature of the parents).

Birth Certificate and Marriage certificate, if in Chinese, must be notarized / authenticated by MFA, China. For Indian marriage certificate, it should be notarized by MEA, Patiala House New Delhi.

Submit the application online and take two copies of the application after its online submission (a ref No will be allotted ONLINE).

Visit the Consulate with all the original documents (passports of the parents, notarized Birth & Marriage certificate, above downloaded ONLINE Forms) along with a copy of each document.

Submit the application along with fee of RMB 184 (in cash).

Indian Birth certificate will be issued after necessary formalities.

All original documents (including passport) are to be submitted for verification and will be returned.

Procedure for application: 

Duly filled in online application form, refer link at https://passport.gov.in/nri/ .

Birth certificate along with a photocopy.

Marriage certificate of parents with a photocopy.

Birth Certificate and Marriage certificate, if in Chinese, must be notarised/ authenticated by MFA, China.

For marriage certificate issued in India, it should be notarised by MEA, Patiala House New Delhi.

Current passports of parents along with photocopies.

Four recent colored passport size photos of the child (Recent 5cm*5cm, front pose, full face photograph where the ears are visible in white backdrop).

Print out of the online registration of birth.

Declaration to be signed by the parents – Annexure D (Declaration Form)

6. When passport for minor can be applied on attaining age of majority?

Minors between 15 to 18 years of age may apply for 10 years validity passport subject to Verification done in India. Children, who are planning to go aboard for further studies, are advised to apply well in advance before attaining the age of 18 years.

7. What are the requirements for extension of validity/addition of pages or endorsements on existing passport?

For renewal of a passport, extension of validity and on exhausting the pages, a fresh passport is re-issued. Kindly apply as per the procedure applicable for issue of a new passport as detailed above against Q1.

Miscellaneous Passport Services:

9. What are the requirements for ‘Change of Appearance’ in the passport?

Application in EAP-I form. (ii)Four latest passport size photographs [full frontal view of face against white background] (iii)Present passport in original with a photocopy of all relevant pages (iv)A Sworn Affidavit (for change of appearance from turban to without turban and vice versa) (v)Submit in person to establish identity

10. What are the requirements for ‘Change of Name’ in the passport?

Except the cases such as addition/deletion of surname of husband due to marriage & divorce; all other requests for change of name in passport should be submitted along with the following documents:

Clippings of two local newspapers or the Gazette Notification of the concerned State Government, as the case may be;

At least two/public school documents issued in the desired/applied changed name to ascertain that the applicant has actually changed his/her name.

In case of change of name upon marriage, following documents/papers are required:  

Current passport of both husband and wife.

Original marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of Marriages along with an attested copy of the same

Joint affidavit to be signed by both husband and wife, refer link www.cgishanghai.gov.in/pdf/APPENDIX-18.pdf along with duly filled in form EAP-II  

In case of divorcees applying for a change of name, the following are required:  

Divorce certificate authenticated by court.

Deed poll or sworn affidavit regarding change of name [Appendix-17 ].

Current passport along with a copy 

In case change of name is required following the death of the spouse, death certificate (along with a copy) must be submitted. 

Remarried applicants applying for change of name/change of spouse’s name should submit the following documents/papers:  

Divorce deed duly authenticated by court, in respect of the first spouse.

Attested copy of marriage certificate issued by the Registrar of Marriages or an affidavit signed by both husband and wife along with a joining photograph with the present spouse.

Original newspaper cuttings announcing the change of name published in two leading daily newspapers (one daily newspaper should be of the area of the applicant’s permanent address and another of his present address or nearby area)

Current passport along with a copy.

11. What is the definition of minor for issue of passport?

Applicants less than 18 years of age are considered as minors for issuance of passport.

• In case of minors up to the age of 15 years, the validity of passport is restricted to 5 years or till they attain the age of 18, whichever is earlier.

• In case of minors between 15 to 18 years of age, a 10-year validity passport is issued. However, documentation required for minor’s passport will be applicable up to attaining 18 years of age.

NOTE: Depending on the category applied for, different fees are applicable. An ordinary passport is valid for 10 years from the date of issue. It may please be noted that the Passport Issuing Authority can issue passports even for a shorter duration.

12. I have a one-month old baby? Does the baby require a separate passport or his/her name can be endorsed in one of the parents passport?

Endorsement of child's name in parent's passports is not allowed anymore. Every minor must have his/her own passport.

13. Signature specifications for Minors

• Thumb impression of the minor if less than 5 years of age must be done in the box alongside the photograph on Page 1 of the Online Passport Application Form.

• Use only a BLACK or BLUE inkpad. (Use Left Thumb Impression for Boys and Right Thumb Impression for Girls)

• Signature of the minor if more than 5 years of age must be done in the box alongside the photograph on Page 1 of the Online Passport Application Form.

• If the impression or signature is OUTSIDE of the box, the application will be REJECTED.

• Thumb impression of the minor if less than 5 years of age or Signature of the minor if more than 5 years of age must be done on Page 2 and 3.

• BOTH parents OR Legal Guardians to SIGN 3rd page of application form.

14. My child is below 5 years of age. Will my child need to be physically present at the application centre for submitting his/her Passport application?

Minors up to the age of 5 years are not required to visit the Passport application center for submitting their application. However, Only their Parents or their legal Guardians are allowed to submit the application on behalf of the child.

15. The Police Clearance Certificate is for my stay in India or China.

The Police Clearance Certificate (PCC) issued at CGI Shanghai is for the period of stay of the applicant in India only. If the applicant needs PCC or No Criminal Certificate for his stay in China, he needs to apply for the same with Chinese Public Security Bureau or local Police station of his area of residence in China.