Announcements Address by Consul General during Chinaplas-2018 event (24 April 2018)

Address by Consul General during Chinaplas-2018 event (24 April 2018)

Address by CG during Chinaplas-2018 event

[24 April 2018]

Namaskar, Nin Hao, 

Distinguished Guests,

Experts and Participants of Chinaplas 2018,

Ladies and Gentlemen,

I am extremely happy to be among you. It is always a difficult task to address experts and businessmen like you who have spent large part of career in this field and has knowledge of every aspect of the industry and business. Therefore, I would be more interested to learn from you on this subject.

2. As we all know, plastic is one of the most versatile polymer discovered by mankind. It has found place in every aspect of human activity ranging from the most basic sectors like agriculture and mining to tertiary sectors like healthcare, entertainment, etc.

3. Countries like India which has huge population and an aspiring youth class is bound to become the largest consumer of plastics. It is important for all of us to evaluate how we can fulfil the growing demand of plastics while maintaining quality standards and ensuring that it remains within reach of common people. On the other hand we need to ensure safe disposal and recycling of plastics in such a way that it remains environment friendly and does not become a source for health and environmental hazards. 

4. India is important exporter of plastic products mainly destined to Western countries but not to China. I would request delegates of the Plastics Export Promotion Council of India to utilise their participation in Chinaplas 2018 to understand the domestic needs of Chinese customers and try to identify appropriate products, quality standards and technologies; look towards ways and means to integrate in the global value chain so as to make India a destination of choice for Chinese plastic importers. 

5. Similarly, I would request the Chinese plastic manufacturers to look towards India for setting up their production units and integrating India into its global value chain. The moment we talk about investments; the questions which comes in mind are why, when and where in India?? I would like to say that; 

6. In the fast improving business environment large number of investors are looking towards India. In such a situation, would you be interested to grab this opportunity before the competitors get there first or you would like to wait & watch and then follow the trail!! You have to take a decision.

7. If you are looking for diversification of your product range, balancing your market risks, repeating the model of supply-chain ecosystem of China; India offers best opportunities for replicating such success.

8. If you believe in value of your brand, want to command influence and significance of your business and looking for mid to long term returns, then there is no better market than India. You have to take a call now…!! 

9. Let me ensure you that India have strong competition law which encourages, promotes and supports competition through strong legal support and all investments from China will get rule based fair and equitable treatment.

10. Plastic is preferred ingredient for new material research. It has potential to supplement if not replace the conveniently items like brick and mortar construction materials, steel and aluminium. It is not only fast getting new usages in automobile sector but also in high speed trains, railways, highways and other sectors of transportation. India proves to be a great place for such experiments, primarily due to special attention given by the Government towards development of smart cities, planned urbanisation, social housing segments, up-gradation of transportation sector etc. 

11. The growth of plastic consumption has its own set of challenges and any discussion without its mention remains incomplete. You would appreciate that the foremost challenge comes from lack of recycling of plastic waste, indiscriminate use of plastic in the form of land-fill, unscientific disposal practices, marine litter causing unprecedented damage to marine and aquatic ecosystem, etc.

12. Even the efforts made for recycling of plastic are also facing great challenge which is a matter of concern for health and environment experts. It has been found that low cost unscientific, unregulated use of recycled plastics when enters in food chain or exposed to human body for long, acts as carcinogenic material. Therefore, it is in the interest of humanity, societies and individuals to ensure that quality checks in plastics are maintained. Its life cycle is regulated in scientific manner so that plastic continues to play a dominant role in the development of human civilisation.

 Thank you very much for your patient hearing, I look forward to hear you views on these issues.

Thank you!