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Important Advisory on eTourist Visa

General Information

1. The Consulate General of India, Shanghai issues tourist, business, employment, student, entry and other types of visas to Chinese nationals and to the nationals of other countries. The initial step is to fill the visa application form and submit along with the required documents/fees.

2. The Consulate accepts visa applications directly from the applicants as well as through their representatives, including travel agents. It is hereby clarified that the Consulate attaches equal importance to all the applications and does not give any preference to those received through the travel agents.

3. All visa applicants seeking visas to visit India [except those holding Diplomatic/Official/Public Affairs Passports] are requested to submit their visa applications at:

India Visa Application Center, Shanghai
Room J12, 10th Floor,
Shanghai Mart Exhibition Hall,
2299, Yan’An West Road,
Changning District,
Shanghai , P R China 200366
Helpline No: 021- 52556275 (for queries, please contact between 1400 - 1600 hrs)
E-mail ID:

Timings (Monday to Friday)

Submission of visa applications: 0830 hrs – 1500 hrs
Collection of passports: 0830 hrs – 1730 hrs
Call Centre and Information Desk: 0830 – 1730hrs

A service charge of RMB 22 (inclusive of taxes) per passport will apply in addition to regular visa fees.

The India Visa Application Centre provides visa application support service only. Staff members of Visa Application Centre have no power or influence over the outcome of an application. The decision to issue or refuse a visa is made solely by the officers at the Consulate General of India, Shanghai. Shanghai India Visa Application Centre staff will provide visa information, but they cannot and will not offer immigration advice. If India Visa Application Centre staff claims to be able to influence your application, you should notify in writing to the Head of Visa Services at the Consulate General of India, Shanghai.

Please note that visa applications will NOT be accepted at the Consulate except for those holding Diplomatic/Official/Public Affairs Passports, who may submit their visa applications at the Consulate between 0930 hrs to 1200 hrs on all working days.

4. Passport of all applicants should be valid for a minimum period of six months.

5. All applications need to be completed and signed by the applicant himself. Incomplete application will not be accepted. Applications can be submitted in person or can be sent through representatives.

6. Jurisdiction of the Consulate General of India, Shanghai covers Shanghai, Zhejiang & Jiangsu provinces in the Eastern China region. Residents of these regions may apply for visa at Consulate General of India, Shanghai.

7. Residents in other parts of China may apply either at Embassy of India (Beijing) or at Consulate General of India, Guangzhou.

8. The Consulate normally takes 3 working days to process visa applications in respect of Chinese nationals and 5 working days to process applications in respect of non-Chinese nationals in China excluding the long term visa or special cases. The processing time specified above starts from the next working day after submission of visa application along-with requisite documents at the Consulate (in respect of diplomatic/official/public affairs passport holders) or at the Indian Visa Applications Centre (for ordinary passport holders).

New System of Mandatory Online Visa Application

1. A decision has been taken by the Government of India to make it a mandatory requirement for all applicants for an Indian visa to apply online. Therefore, all visa applications submitted at the Indian Visa Application Centre [i.e. by the ordinary passport holders] and at the Consulate [i.e. by Diplomatic, Official and Public Affairs Passport holders] are only accepted in the online form.

2. How to Apply for a Visa Online:

2.1. Please visit Consulate General of India, Shanghai website . Click on “Visa Services” of “Consular Services” on the Home page of the website. After going through the general information/instructions, click on the type of visa, you wish to apply. You will find all relevant information pertaining to the visa category selected therein. The online visa application form is available on .

2.2. Please carefully note down the Temporary Application ID number (15 characters) consisting of numbers and alphabets, which will be displayed immediately on the Government of India Visa Online application form. This can be saved to retrieve your application and continue in case you wish to complete part of the application later.

2.3. Complete the application online. You will receive a Web Reference Confirmation Number. The completed Government of India Visa Application form will open up in PDF format at this stage. Save the form and print out the same for submission to the Indian Visa Application Centre/Consulate.

2.4. When filing the Online Form, please do ensure that all details entered are accurate. The option to edit text is not available once the form has been saved and printed. In such a case, a new form need to be filled again with all correct information entered.

2.5. You can use either an Ink-Jet or Laser printer to print the completed Visa Application Form once you have submitted online.

2.6. This site is best viewed in Internet Explorer (Windows) version 8.0 and above.

2.7. You must also have Adobe Acrobat Reader version 7.0 or a higher version installed on your PC in order to download and print the completed application form.

2.8. Once you have completed your online application form, please save, print and sign and present it along with the supporting documents and passport to Indian Visa Application Centre in Shanghai.

2.9. Submission of all relevant documents mentioned in the checklist on the website is important for acceptance of the visa application at the Indian Visa Application Centre/Consulate.

2.10. It is a mandatory requirement to ensure that your photo is 2 inch x 2 inch (51mm x 51mm) in size with white background. Photos which do not meet this specification will not be accepted. The Indian Visa Application Centre has a photo booth facility (on payment basis) meeting these standards for applicants choosing to submit their application in person.

2.11. The online visa application form should be filled at least one day in advance of submission of application form print-out at the Indian Visa Application Centre/Consulate.

2.12. In case of any difficulty in filling up of visa application forms, applicants may please call our visa helpline numbers 021- 63808073; 021-63808077.

3. Information regarding Online Visa Application is also available at the website of India Visa Application Center, Shanghai - .


This is to bring to the notice of all concerned that a fraudulent website has been duping Indian visa applicants. The URL of the website changes frequently. Applicants are advised that this website is fraudulent and in no way associated with the Consulate General of India, Shanghai.

Information on Various Types of Visas and documentation required

Visa for Chinese Nationals

Tourist Visa

Business Visa

Employment Visa

Project Visa

Conference Visa

Journalist Visa

Student Visa

Research Visa

Medical Visa

Transit Visa

Intern Visa

Sports Visa

Film Visa

Entry Visa

Visa for Foreign Nationals

Additional Form required to be filled by Foreign Nationals

Documents Required

Download Forms

Request form for travel to India on tourist visa within 2 months of last exit from India Download


Tourist Visa-on-Arrival for nationals of certain countries

Exemption from requirement of visa by diplomatic, official/service and ordinary passport holders of certain countries

Prohibition on the use of satellite phones in India

This is to inform all concerned including foreigners visiting India that satellite telephone services are not permitted in India. Unauthorized use of handsets of Thuraya, Iridium and other such satellite operators are not permissible under Indian law. People, including visitors to India, found to be making use of satellite telephone services will be prosecuted and all sets found in possession of any individual will be seized.

Visa to India for the purpose of entering into surrogacy arrangements

Any person seeking a visa to India for the purpose of entering into a surrogacy arrangement must ascertain beforehand whether the law of that country permits surrogacy and will provide appropriate travel documents to the child for accompanying the surrogate parents. Entering into surrogacy arrangements under any other visa not sought for surrogacy is punishable.