Regarding Medical Courses offered by Chinese Universities in China News / Events

Regarding Medical Courses offered by Chinese Universities in China


The Embassy of India, Beijing has been receiving several queries with respect to the press release issued by it on April 29, 2019 ( on the issue of medical courses offered by Chinese Universities in China.

2. In this regard, the Embassy would like to state the following.

3. The Ministry of Education (MOE), People’s Republic of China, had earlier this year issued a list of 45 Universities in China that have been approved to offer MBBS courses for foreign nationals in the English language, who intend to seek admission in the year 2019-2020. This list is also available on the following web link provided by the Chinese MOE:

4. The purpose of the above-mentioned press release of the Embassy was solely to bring this list to the attention of prospective students planning to study medicine in China.

5. The Chinese MOE had also clarified that Universities that are not in the list of 45 Universities, should not recruit foreign students for the MBBS program taught in English. It has been clearly mentioned by it that teaching the MBBS course under a bilingual (English/Chinese) model is strictly forbidden. The Chinese MOE has also informed that the list of universities will be regularly reviewed by it and updated in due course.

6. In addition to the above, the Chinese MOE had also stressed in its notification that Universities which are not in this list of 45 Universities can only recruit foreign students for medicine course in the Chinese language. The Embassy is, however, not aware of any comprehensive list of Universities that may have been authorized by the competent authorities in China to offer medical courses in Chinese for foreign students. We will continue to make efforts with the Chinese MOE to obtain such a list if it exists.

7. The Embassy has also been approached as to why an earlier and separate list of more than 200 other Universities in China has been removed from the website of Medical Council of India (MCI) and the Embassy. In this regard, it may be noted, as mentioned above, that the Chinese MOE has clarified that for the admission year 2019-20, only 45 Universities have been authorized to recruit foreign students for MBBS Course in English. The Chinese MOE has not issued any other specific lists of Universities relevant to the teaching of medicine. Accordingly, the additional list of more than 200 Universities was removed from the website of the Embassy to prevent any confusion.

8. It is once again clarified that the above press release issued by the Embassy of India as well as the notification issued by the Chinese MOE only pertains to the list of authorized Universities in China which offer MBBS course in the English language to foreign students. The press release does not pertain to the issue of eligibility for appearance in Foreign Medical Graduate Examination (FMGE) conducted by the National Board of Examination (NBE), which is determined as per the information bulletin issued by NBE.


07 October 2019