Speech by CG on the occasion of 5th International Day of Yoga celebration at Jade Buddha Temple, June 08 2019 News / Events

Speech by CG on the occasion of 5th International Day of Yoga celebration at Jade Buddha Temple, June 08 2019


Opening remarks by CG Shanghai on the occasion on 5th International Day of Yoga at Jade Buddha Temple

[at 0830 hrs on 8 June 2019]



Chief Abbot Juexing, Yoga lovers, Distinguished Guests, Friends, Ladies and Gentlemen,


Namaskar, Dajia Hao, Good morning to all you………….


We are extremely pleased to be at Jade Buddha Temple, a place for peace, harmony and self-realization, to celebrate the 5th International Day of Yoga. You will be happy to know that this year’s curtain raiser event was held on 18 May, the auspicious day marking Buddha Purnima.


Five years ago, 177 countries supported the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, recognizing the important role Yoga can play in bringing peace and prosperity in the world. This led to proclamation of 21 June as the International Day of Yoga.


Yoga, an ancient discipline and an invaluable cultural heritage from India, is a vision for a harmonious future for humanity and transgresses gender, age, class and socio-economic diversity.


There is a misconception in China that Yoga is for females and it is meant for physical fitness. But this is not the true assessment and appreciation of Yoga. Therefore, this year we have decided to address this issue in holistic manner and pay greater attention towards benefits which Yoga offers in addressing mental health issues.


Mental health condition is one of the leading reasons for poor health outcomes; it is taking epidemic proportions in both developed and developing countries. It is well said that ‘there can be no health without mental health’.


The prevalence of mental health conditions and associated disability is widespread; scientific studies suggest that around 10% of global population is suffering from some or the other conditions of mental health conditions which reduces the longevity up-to 5 years, enhances suffering; and becoming one of the leading causes of disability. Therefore, we thought of propagating the benefits which ‘Yoga-associated breathing exercises and meditation’ to address the mental health issues for this year events.


Evidence based research suggests that ‘Yoga-breathing exercises and meditation’ prepare the body as well as mind to cope up with stress, post-traumatic stress disorder, attention deficiency hyper activity disorder; calms the stress response systems and modulate the thalamic generators; which results in controlling stress and emotions and thus lead towards body-mind balance and overall happiness. Scientific study also suggests that yoga is useful tool for reducing stress and anxiety in old age populations.


Since mental health conditions continue to be a neglected area, thus; the treatment coverage is low, so as the availability of yoga experts to handle this issue. For yours benefit, we have invited Mr. Atul Tyagi, an accomplished yoga master who have expertise in the field of mental health. Please give a big round of applause for them.

由于精神健康经常被人忽视,疗愈精神疾病的资源也很有限。同样,有专业理疗能力的瑜伽老师也很少。今天,我们有幸请到了印度瑜伽精神理疗大师Atul Tyagi先生。请大家给予热烈的掌声。

It is pertinent to mention that regular practice of Yoga is one of the ways which has been recognized to help attain state of healthy lives and well-being, in harmony with nature. Today's enthusiastic participation of you marks the exponential growth in the awareness of Yoga.  


I express my heartfelt thanks to all of you who have gathered here to enjoy the fruits of Yoga.


Thank You