Introductory remarks by CG during the Buyer Seller Meet on Rice on 31.10.2018 News / Events

Introductory remarks by CG during the Buyer Seller Meet on Rice on 31.10.2018


Introductory remarks by CG during the BSM on Rice

[Shanghai: 31 Oct 2018; 1400 hrs]

 Namaskar; Xia Wu Hao; Good afternoon!!

1. I have the pleasure to invite all of you for this very important event; the Buyers Sellers’ Meet on Rice. As you know that the decks are cleared for import of rice from India, recently. China is the largest importer of rice and India, the largest exporter with the widest variety of rice. Therefore, in my view, there cannot be a better and complementary relationship between us.

2. India has distinction of being home to diverse agricultural practices and so as for cultivation of rice. Many of rice varieties from India had received geographical indication which is reflection of its unique quality.

3. In addition, rice is one of the major crops grown by small and marginal farmers which are generally organic in nature and best of its kind. The growing demands of high quality rice in China may it be for human consumption, feed for animals or for industrial use; India can easily be one stop shop for all these requirements.

4. The increase in per capita income of China, growing environmental consciousness and preference for organically grown high quality rice can also be met by us. In view of this complementarities, the Government of India has decided to hold the Buyer Seller meet on Rice in China under the leadership of Mr. A.K. Gupta, Director at APEDA, an Apex Organization of the Government of India for export of Agricultural products. Mr. Gupta, is particularly responsible for export of Indian rice.

5. Out of 24 mills approved by GACC for export of Indian rice to China following seven companies are present in this meeting. Let me introduce them.

I. L T Foods Ltd.

II. Sunstar Overseas Ltd.

III. Shree Gajanan Industries

IV. Shriram Food Industry Private Ltd.

V. Sukhbir Agro Energy Ltd.

VI. Sri Lalitha Enterprises Industries Pvt. Ltd.

VII. Pattabhi Agro Foods Pvt. Ltd.

VIII. I also acknowledge the presence of Mr. Hemant Motwani, an accomplished Indian business person, based out of China, mainly dealing with food products.

6. Their contact details along with photographs are kept in your folder for ready reference.

7. During this BSM, the Indian exporters would be particularly interested to know the procedures and formalities which need to be followed for export documentation and types of checks needed at various levels. They would be also interested to get practical tips out of yours long experience of handling this subject.

8. In order to assist the Chinese companies /importers, we at the Consulate, are ready to expeditiously provide visa so that you may go to India for pre-shipment formalities and also to explore the various geographical regions producing rice in India. I am sure that the Indian exporters are in position to give better details about their products during the course of BSM.

9. I urge all of you to have a free and frank discussion; understand requirement of each other; and work towards a strategy so that the import of Indian rice starts at the earliest.

10. In case the Chinese delegation present here are in the business of importing other food products and eatables; kindly share your requirement with Mr. A.K. Gupta as his organization has the mandate to export all kind of agriculture and process food from India. He will be happy to assist you in connecting you to right people.

11. It is pertinent to mention that India is one of the major agriculture economies of the world and important producer of agricultural products. Before, I conclude let me mention that apart from rice, India is largest producer of banana, papaya, mango, guava, milk and second largest producer of green vegetables.

12. I am sure that this meeting will provide business opportunities for all of you and pave the way for higher trade in agricultural products, particularly rice. With these words, I thank you all for coming to this event and wish you good luck for the rest of the session.