Outreach event for Indian students and Academic Seminar at CGI Shanghai, Oct 21st, 2018 News / Events

Outreach event for Indian students and Academic Seminar at CGI Shanghai, Oct 21st, 2018


Consulate General of India



On October 21, 2018 Indian Consulate in Shanghai organised a Fresher’s Welcome Ceremony and Interactions on Academic Prospects in China : Challenge and Opportunity. Indian students from major Universities in Shanghai were present at the event. 

Dr J. Aravind, Consul welcomed the gathering and gave a detailed presentation to students on specific issues like MADAD portal registration, how to avail consular services at the Consulate, student life in China and the huge responsibility on the student community to build a positive image of India in China. He stressed on the need to increase interaction with the Chinese students and to become a bridge between the two societies. A brief guideline for students about the do’s & don’ts in China was also shared with the student community.

Experts in various fields like Prof. Varenyam Achal (Sciences), Prof. Poorba H Rao (Business) and Prof. Indira Ravindran (Social Sciences) all interacted with the students and shared their experiences of building a career in China and the opportunities available. It was followed by a panel discussion with Mr. Ravi Shankar Bose (Fugu Mobiles) and Mr. Mukesh Sharma (Tech Mahindra) about the Scope, Challenges and Future prospects of entrepreneurship in China. There was a Q&A session at the end which saw the enthusiastic students engage with the experts and gain useful insights.

A delegation from EdCIL, led by Mr. Sandeep Goel was also present at the event. The team was in China to promote the Study in India program. Currently, there are more than a 100 universities in India which welcome International students under exchange programs and fulltime education courses. The event ended with a beautiful folk performance by an Indian student, Ms. Prerona.